About the Project

This is just a small landing page that we are trying to gather the
selected Estonian Startups which are ready for the general public to use.

We tried to focus on the ones that could be good for personal use and
up to the level for the benefit of a small team or business.

There may be tools you already use and tools instead of these listed here. There are tools that are already behemoths at what they do. Tools that originate from locations which already dominate almost all markets, having the support of the environment in which they have been born.

Location should not be a disadvantage for any tool at this age. Visibility and exposure is especially necessary for most new projects. And no market is limited to any providers that serve whatever they decide people need.

So smaller and lesser known projects also has chance to suit you better than some gigantic and well-known tools. And these smaller projects need you to be stronger.

You can contact us via email and twitter.


Please don't hesitate to share any bugs,
misinformation, troubles or ideas about the project.
You can also directly suggest a startup via the Suggest page.